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Mutian Xraphconn®(FIP)12.5mg*14s

Mutian Xraphconn®(FIP)12.5mg*14s

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    There is an updated packaging. They are exactly the same. However it is displaying the actual active ingredients in mg instead of the whole pill in mg.

    100mg pill =12.5 mg active ingredient
    200mg pill =25mg active ingredient
    400mg pill =50mg active ingredient

  • New users will receive a feeding device as a gift randomly and come with an FIP guidance manual, but it is not guaranteed for every order. If needed, please contact customer service in advance. The offer will end once it is given out.
  • Xraphconn ® tablets are used to treat cats suffering  from various forms of feline infectious peritonitis (FIP).

  • Meet with GMP Standard.

    Specifications: 12.5mg*14s

    Active ingredient: MT0901( PATENT US10988503B1)


    • Choose the dosage according to the cat’s body weight: The daily dose for Xraphconn is 12.5 mg/kg of body weight. It is recommended to take Xraphconn tablets on an empty stomach . If vomiting occurs after 30 mins from dosage, another dose is not needed.
    • Dosage  adjustment:  Symptoms  of  FIP,  disease  progress and denouement are varied due to the age and health condition of the cats. The veterinarian should assess the clinical con- dition of the cat carefully. 1.5 times the dosage is recomm- ended if uveitis or ocular symptoms are present. 2 times the dosage is recommended if neurosis occurs .
    • Duration of treatment: 12 weeks is recommended as a course of treatment.16 weeks is recommended as a uveitis occursand neurosis occurs.

    Expiration date:

    24 months

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