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Mutian Mutoral®II (FCGS) 100mg*14s

Mutian Mutoral®II (FCGS) 100mg*14s

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Meet with GMP Standard.

Mutoral® tablets effectively address the multifaceted symptoms associated with feline chronic gingivostomatitis (FCGS), a prevalent and distressing condition in cats. Clinical manifestations encompass salivation, halitosis, grooming difficulties, pain during eating or yawning, irritability, and weight loss. The severity and distribution of inflammation vary, impacting response to treatment. Mutoral® tablets target oral ulcers, gingival redness, swelling, periodontal hyperplasia, pain, salivation, loss of appetite, and decreased activity associated with FCGS or stomatitis, providing comprehensive relief for affected cats.

Specifications: 100mg*14s

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- Mutoral® II at a dose of 1/4 tablet per 1kg of body weight once daily.

Mutoral tablets absorption was not affected by food. If no improvement is seen in 2 weeks, review diagnosis and change therapy. Consult your veterinarian for help in the diagnosis, treatment and control of FCGS. Mutoral® with a treatment cycle of 12 weeks.

- Steroid, cyclosporine A and other immunosuppressants are not recommended during the administration Mutoral tablets.

    • In case of doubt reach out to your admin.

Expiration date:

24 months

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