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Mutian Mutoral®Oral Spray (FCGS) 30ml

Mutian Mutoral®Oral Spray (FCGS) 30ml

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Meet with GMP Standard.

Mutoral®Oral Spray with 100% natural ingredients in a patented and using cutting-edge research into oral biofilms that help maintain healthy gums and teeth. A powerful combination of herbal extracts and essential oils that provide defense against bacteria that cause gingivitis, plaque and tartar. In fixed combination with Mutoral tablets used to treat oral ulcers, gingival redness and swelling, periodontal hyperpla- sia, pain, salivation, loss of appetite, and decreased activity caused by feline chronic gingivostomatitis (FCGS) or stomatitis.

Specifications: 30ml



- Use twice per day. Lift lips on either side of the cat's mouth. Spray 2-4 pumps directly onto the teeth and gums on each side of the cat's mouth. Licking lips and teeth is a natural response and helps to spread the product evenly. Safe to swallow and no rinsing is necessary.



    • In case of doubt reach out to your admin.


Expiration date:

24 months

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