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Mutian Xraphconn® Injection (75mg/5ml) 3vials

Mutian Xraphconn® Injection (75mg/5ml) 3vials

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Meet with GMP Standard.

Xraphconn®injection are used to treat cats suffering from various forms of feline infectious peritonitis (FIP).

New users will receive several syringes as a gift randomly, not guaranteed for every order. If needed, please contact customer service in advance or purchase separately.


Specifications: 5ml/75mg

Active ingredient: MT0901( PATENT US10988503B1)


  • 1 injection per day, 7 days per week.The daily dose for Xraphconn®is 0.4ml/kg(2.2lb)  of body weight 
  • Dosage adjustment: Symptoms of FIP, course of disease and denouement are varied due to the age, health condition of the cats. The veterinarian should assess the clinical condition of the cat carefully. 1.5 times of dosage is recommended if uveitis occurs. 2 times of dosage is recommended if neurosis occurs.
  • Duration of treatment: 12 weeks is recommended as a course of treatment.16 weeks is recommended as a uveitis occurs and neurosis occurs.

Expiration date:

24 months

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