I am honored she's a member of the thousands in this community.

I am honored she's a member of the thousands in this community.

Gypsy Boo came into my life and changed the course of history for me. She was so tiny,  disadvantaged, and sickly.  Didn't take long until she was better and an active member in my home. 

After the age of 1, she looked "depressed". Grooming stopped completely and weight loss ensued. I was in denial because it happened so rapidly. I took her to my local vet, and here they would tell me FIP,  but what is that, I've never heard of it? Her belly filled with fluid pretty much confirming the diagnosis. They said there's no hope, no cure, not today. I sought 2 more clinics with the same judgement. She will die within days. Food and water consumption has now ceased, Gypsy was now weighing in at 4.1 pounds.

I cried. I cried enough tears to build a river, and begged for her survival.  If only there was someone to help me after a total of 4 professionals at 3 different clinics told me no. 

I searched and I found that light at the end of the tunnel that would take my dear soul, Gypsy Boo, and bring her back from this pending demise! I thought for sure she's gone, I never thought she'd be able to pull back from this!

September 6th 2019, all direction pointed to Mutian.  As explained to me by dozens upon dozens of others,  this was the original and the leading cure on the market for FIP. I put my full trust and faith in them and they certainly did not disappoint!

Within days,  Gypsy lost fluid and started to be able to lift her head and walk. Coming back to me in just the first week of treatment,  I knew in my heart that I had made the right choice!

This was a roller coaster of events changed my life forever.

Gypsy Boo is alive today, over 4 years beyond the threshold of death that we faced. She is healthier today than what she was even prior to her FIP diagnosis. I know she knows what she's been through,  I can see it in her eyes and feel it in her personality.  If there was ever a cat that was truly grateful it would be her. Gypsy Boo's story has led others to life. To meet her is to know.

Mutian welcomed her into their family of beautiful survivors as one of the cases in the beginning of this fight for life. I am honored she's a member of the thousands in this community. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

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